Godley Head Track, Christchurch

Godley Head Track, Christchurch

After a week that produced rain on a biblical scale, the weekend arrived. “Have I woken up in a different country?” I asked myself.  The cool air breeze and the sun shimmering through the trees, had given the morning the feeling of a spring day. Just when you think winter is coming the unpredictability of New Zealand weather system strikes again. Although it was for the better this time.

So with the pleasant surprise of a glorious day what do you do? Hang around? Tidy the house? NO! We’ve gotta get out. Lets go a hike.

A hike I have wanted to do for a while is the Godley Head track close to Christchurch. This is an exhilarating walk along a beautiful stretch of coast where at the top of the hill there are remains of World War 2 coastal defense fortifications.


Location: Christchurch
Nearest Town: Sumner
Nearest City: Christchurch
Length of Walk: 7.00kms
Time Needed: 3Hours
Difficulty: Easy
Wheelchair Access: No
Route: Round Trip
Elevation: 190m



A view from Taylors Mistake Road lookind down towards Sumner Beach.

The track begins from the Taylors Mistake car park and is a fairly easy 7km loop track that will take you approximatley 3 hours to complete.  The walk begins with a gentle incline but the scenery certainly packs a punch.









Could we have picked a better day than this? The bluest of skies reflecting into the ocean. Just remember that if you are walking here on a hot day that there will be no shade provided so make sure you take plenty water with you.

After a long walk it’s nice to just take sometime and relax. We were so close to just laying down and sleeping.

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