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  Mold chamber for aerospace products, materials, electronic products, a variety of electronic vitality in hot and humid environments, testing its performance.
Box structure
  Mold chamber box with CNC machining, nice shape, and no reaction handle, easy to operate.
Imports of high grade stainless steel inner tank (SUS304) mirror panels, cabinet outside the gall A3 steel spray, increasing the appearance of texture and cleanliness.
Mold chamber fill the water tank placed in the control cabinet interior, and a dry automatic protection, more convenient operator add water.
Large observation window with bright lights to keep the box, and the use of heating element embedded glass, clear observation box at any condition.
Humidifying piping and control system separate from the circuit board, to avoid leakage due to failure of the humidifying pipe improve security.
Water system piping circuit system uses door open, easy maintenance and repair.
Cabinet insulation microfiber cotton insulation, to avoid unnecessary energy loss.
The left side of the box with a test hole with a diameter of 50mm for external test power line or signal line.
Refrigeration and air duct system
  Chillers using the French original "Tai" closed compressor.
Refrigeration system using cell dehumidification system design.
Multi-wing mold chamber powerful air circulation blower, to avoid any dead, can test the temperature and humidity distribution within the region.
Air duct return air circulation design of wind, air pressure, wind speed meet testing standards, and can open the door the moment the temperature and humidity to stabilize fast time.
Heating, cooling, humidification system is completely independent can improve efficiency and reduce testing costs, increase life and reduce the failure rate.
Wind speed ≤ 0.2 m / s


Specifications and technical parameters
Model(MM) MJX-100 MJX-225 MJX-500 MJX-010
Studio Size 450*450*500 500*600*750 700*800*900 1000*1000*1000
Dimensions 1200*1000*1650  1300*1150*1900  1460*1420*2100  1850*1600*2250
Power 4.5(KW)   5.5(KW)  7.5(KW)   11.5(KW)  
Temperature Range 20℃~80℃
Humidity Range 45~98%R.H
Fluctuations / uniformity ±0.5℃/±2℃
Humidity deviation +2、-3%R.H
Heating rate 1.0~3.0℃/min
Cooling rate 0.7~1.2℃/min
Controller Chinese imports of programmable LCD touch interactive / integrated microcomputer temperature and humidity controller
Dehumidification System Using the dew point temperature of the evaporator coil layer contact with dehumidification
Water supply system Humidifier water supply with automatic control. Remaining water and recyclable. Saving water
Cooling System French original "Tai" totally enclosed fan cooled compressor cooling mode

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