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Walk-in high and low temperature test chamber is an important means of research and production process consists of screening optimize product formulations, is also an important content of the application materials such as paints, plastics, aluminum panels, as well as products such as automotive safety glass product quality inspection standards are asked to do weathering test. Xenon weathering chamber main factors causing material aging is simulated sunlight and moisture, weathering tester can simulate the damage from the sun, rain and dew caused. Xenon weathering chamber xenon lamps simulate the effect of sunlight, moisture condensation using simulated rain and dew, the test material is placed in a light and moisture alternating temperature test cycle program, the number of days or a few weeks time, i.e. reproducible and years of outdoor hazards occur several months, accelerated aging test data to help choose new materials, improvement of existing materials, and evaluate how changes in product formulations affect durability.

Main parameters and configuration】:








Temperature Range

-20150℃;    -40150℃;     -50150℃;

  -60150℃;    -70150 

Choose according to product testing requirements over the temperature range

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Heating time


Cooling time


Temperature control

Thermal equilibrium humidity thermostat

Timing function














Temperature Control System


Chinese imports of programmable LCD touch interactive display, microcomputer integrated controller.

Temperature display and control instruments used (Japan) full import of large screen (7-inch LED display), a simple screen operation and programming easy, no keystrokes directly touch screen option. Accuracy: 0.1 ℃ (display range).

Temperature control using the same channel coordinated control P · I · D + S · S · R system.

With automatic calculation function can be immediately corrected temperature conditions, the temperature control is more precise and stable. After the input data and test conditions, the controller has a screen lock function to avoid human touch and downtime.

Program has 120 groups, each 99 segments, each cycle can capacity 999 steps, each time setting a maximum of 99 hours and 59 minutes.

With RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface, the program can be designed on a computer, monitor the testing process and execute Switcher, print curve data and other functions.

The controller has a screen automatic screen saver function, in the long run the state better protect the LCD screen (make it longer life).
In the operation or setting, such as when an error occurs, an alert will provide fast number.

Temperature Sensor

Imports of platinum resistance PT100Ω/MV

Heating system

Fully independent systems, nickel-chromium alloy stainless steel heater electric heating

Circulatory system

Temperature low-noise air-conditioning motors. Multi-leaf stainless steel centrifugal wind wheel



Cooling System

Solenoid valve / Electrical

Castel properly / Schneider and Omron

Dry filter


Expansion valve

American Ai High "

Refrigeration Compressors

All imports of semi-enclosed Germany Copeland


Cascade refrigeration or single-stage cooling


Air cooled or water-cooled








Carton Material

Chamber body base with 8 # channel welded into an intensive framework conditions in order to be able to withstand in the horizontal chamber body weight and personnel of the specimen, without generating chamber bottom surface uneven and cracking. Withstand the force of 200kg / per square meter

Laboratory chamber body [body (shell)] is divided into six rooms and one pair of decent rooms open door body, the size of 1800 × 2000 mm, chamber liner material is high quality stainless steel (to prevent long running in humidity under the inner wall of rust), outside the gall of quality steel (domestic brand), polyurethane insulation medium is rigid foam insulation, light resistance, fight, good insulation, doors made of the same material as the color steel door inside and outside handle open type, in order to test personnel from the freedom to open the door to the room closed.

Within the box material

SUS304 stainless steel high-quality light board

Insulation Material

Polyurethane rigid foam, ultra-fine glass fiber cotton

Door insulation

Double resistant to high temperature aging silicone rubber door seal

Observation window

The bright lights to keep the box, and the use of heating element embedded glass, clear observation box at any condition. Observation window size: 400 * 500mm

Standard configuration

Test leads holes φ50mm1 months (openings available upon request)


Leakage, short circuit, over temperature, motor overheating, over-pressure compressor, overload, over-current protection

Supply Voltage

AC380V±10% 50Hz

Standards compliant

GB10592-89 high-temperature test chambers
GB2423.1-2001 high-temperature test A test method
GB2423.2-2001 Low Temperature Test Method B test
GB2423.3-93 test Ca constant test methods
GB2423.4-93 Test Db

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