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  Thermal shock chamber for safety testing electronic vitality provide reliability testing, screening tests and other products, and through this equipment test, can improve product reliability and quality control of products.
Cabinet structural features
  Thermal Shock Chambers all functions controlled by computer software system developed, a good user interface, allowing users to monitor the operation and are more simple and intuitive, hold function allows the program to keep you running in the current state , you can temporarily change the value of this block, you can set the parameters of time on the screen, so that the refrigeration, heating, lift the blue transfer switch, according to the settings automatically.
Cold box, hot box independently controlled door independently of each other, expanding the use of the chamber.
Product insulation effect can be fully guaranteed.
Chamber door and the circulating fan, mentioning the blue transmission interlock, etc., to protect the safety of the operator, once opened the door, circulating fans and put the blue drive is automatically cut off the power supply.
Thermal Shock Chambers in the top of the box with standard lead-hole pipe, user box into the sensor wire to detect other types of cable leads.
Control System:
  Low temperature, high temperature conversion time of less than or equal to 15 seconds.
Temperature recovery time is less than or equal to 5 minutes.

GB/T2423.1.2、GB10592-2008、GJB150.3-86    GJB150.5-86

Specifications and technical parameters
Type GCH---50 L GCH---100 L GCH---150L GCH---225L
Studio Size 300*350*450 400*450*550 500*500*600 500*600*750
Type GCH---408L GCH---500L GCH---800L GCH---010L
Studio Size 600*800*850 700*800*900 800*1000*1000 1000*1000*1000
Temperature Range A:-20℃~200℃ B:-40℃~200℃ C:-60℃~200℃
Temperature error Room temperature and cryogenic chambers are ± 3 ℃
Temperature fluctuations ±0.5℃
Sample loading area 30kg 30kg 50kg 60kg
Controller Imported LED digital display (PID + SSR) microcomputer integrated controller
Accuracy range Imported LED digital display (PID + SSR) microcomputer integrated controller
Cooling System German imports Copelametic water-cooled compressor / French original "Tai" totally enclosed fan cooled compressed refrigerant repetition
Circulatory system Temperature low-noise air-conditioning motors multi-vane centrifugal wind wheel
Temperature Conversion Time From low temperature to high temperature or high temperature to low temperature from ≤ 15S
Temperature recovery time ≤ 5min (and temperature recovery conditions, both the cooling water temperature, exposure to temperature, holding time, sample weight related)
Temperature shock method Two boxes of Law vertical / vertical three box method (two box-type Thermal Shock Chambers / three box-type Thermal Shock Chambers)

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