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Rain test car is an artificial environment experimental method, which is used to weatherproof seal performance test of the car, simulate the effect of natural rainfall or dripping encounter environmental factors under conditions of use after the car. Research and Application rain test method has been for many years. Back in the 1970s the French aviation standards, the U.S. military standards and British military standards were formally defines the terms of the artificial rain, storms and drip areas. China has also made provisions in 1990: GB / T 12480-90 coach rain tightness test methods.

Automotive rain laboratory data








Studio Size

6000 * 4000 * 3500mm (D * W * H)
Products can be customized according to the testing requirements of different sizes

Rainfall intensity

12mmmm/min ----8mmmm /min

Spray direction

Front, side surfaces, the top surface of the back of five

Nozzle diameter


Spray density


Water pressure

150kPa±10KPa Adjustable

Sprinkler pipe diameter

Φ28/Φ38 two kinds Explorer Φ140, branch pipe Φ100, sprinkler pipe array

Pressure gauge

1.5 precision pressure gauge, dial ∮ 100,0 ~ 6kg/cm2

Flow Table

Glass Rotameter

Rain gauge

Standard Φ100 rain gauge (cup)


Horizontal centrifugal pumps (one with a prepared)

Filtration device

Three filter (stainless steel filter frame and filter bags) 200 mesh, 100 mesh, 20 mesh

Rain time

09999H Adjust

By way of a vehicle

Manned by type

Running gear

Red and yellow lights tips


Control Systems

Chinese imports of programmable LCD touch interactive display, microcomputer integrated controller.

Temperature display and control instruments used (Japan) full import of large screen (5.7-inch LED display), a simple screen operation, no key input, direct touch-screen option.

With RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface, the program can be designed on a computer, monitor the testing process and execute Switcher, print curve data and other functions. 

The controller has a screen automatic screen saver function, in the long run the state better protect the LCD screen (make it longer life). In the operation or setting, such as when an error occurs, an alert will provide fast number.








Carton Material

Chamber body assembly using modular PES sandwich panels, exterior color steel , chamber body ground using cement floor , sloping ground with bulk water , drain grille plate with rust and corrosion materials.

Within the box material

SUS304 stainless steel high-quality light board .

Hair devices

 In the rear compartment has two rows of rain provided by the compressed air source nozzle of the hair specimens , specimen taken on its large particle droplets , played drying effect.


 Made of stainless steel nozzles, nozzle and tee threaded connection , the ball stuck in the plane on the water , easy to replace and clean up clogged impurities.

Automatic replenishment system uses DN32 stainless steel tube into the water to ensure water supply , and in the end to set up plumbing mechanical float switch device , when the water reaches the maximum level set by the mechanical device off water automatic replenishment system design of a butterfly , hydraulic remote control float valve one . Can automatically control the low level of circulating water , keeping the pool water circulating at a certain level .

Control cabinet

Integrated imported PLC, imported converter, circuit breakers, Schneider Electric brand . Buttons , LCD display, LEDs and connection terminals using well-known brands.


System with leakage protection, water protection, water pump blockage protection, motor overload protection, motor phase loss protection and power protection; are using sound and light alarm

Supply Voltage

AC380V±10% 50Hz

Standards compliant

GB/T12480-90 "coach rain tightness test methods"
GJB 150.8 rain test standards

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