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  Drug stability chambers for the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology, food industry and other industries, the electronics industry and all of painstaking research, including life sciences-related industries. WHO principles claim 25 ℃ / 60% RH humidity conditions for long-term stability. In the acceleration test 40 ℃ / 75% RH 6 months standard humidity test is a stability test system pharmaceutical field, the main climate simulation environment temperature, humidity, light test.
Cabinet structural features

Drug stability testing materials used inside the room mirror SUS304B board, with acid, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean features;
The sample holder can be adjusted according to the position of the upper and lower;
Tempered glass door with a vacuum, user-friendly inspection sample during the test;
Using high-quality sealing and insulation materials
Reasonable air circulation system, making cabinets highest uniformity of temperature and humidity;
The left side of the machine has test leads holes;
Drug stability chambers Water System: automatic replenishment functions, standard pumps

  Temperature and humidity imported LCD touch screen controller, the relative performance of precise temperature and humidity settings display resolution of 0.1 ℃ / 0.1% RH.
Standards compliant

Drug stability chambers manufactured in accordance with the 2005 edition Pharmacopoeia stability test article outlines the guiding principles and relevant provisions of GB10586-2006.

Specifications and technical parameters
Type YSX---50 L YSX---100 L YSX---150L YSX---225L
Studio Size 300*350*450 400*450*550 500*500*600 500*600*750
Dimensions(D×W×H mm) 750*720*1320 950*880*1470 980*930*1560 1040*960*1700
Type YSX---408L YSX---500L YSX---800L YSX---010L
Studio Size 600*800*850 700*800*900 800*1000*1000 1000*1000*1000
Dimensions(D×W×H mm) 1090*1220*1850 1180*1250*1880 1360*1520*2020 1480*1520*2020
Temperature range No light 0 ~ 65 ? C A light 10 ~ 65 ? C
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5?C  ±1.0℃
Humidity control range 40~95%RH 40~95%RH 
Light intensity 0~6000LXAdjustable
Illumination error ≤±500LX
Humidity thermostat Equilibrium humidity thermostat
Refrigeration Direct cooling efficient refrigeration
Refrigerator Imported closed compressor
Coolers Air-cooled heat sink cooler
Controller Computer control (Japan OYO Instruments) Programmable controller (Korea TEMI880 meter)
Temperature Sensor Pt100 platinum resistance Inlet temperature and humidity transmitter
Fans Centrifugal fan
Operating ambient temperature +5~30?C
Power supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Loading tray (standard) 2
Safety devices Compressor overheating protection, overload protection, water protection, overtemperature protection, electrical short-circuit protection
Two box-and three main technical parameters box


Two box-type drugs stable box

Three box-type drugs stable box




Temperature range




Humidity control range




Light intensity


Illumination error

Light on the box400*450*550

The tank heat400*450*550

Right Light Box320*400*450

Interior dimensions

Under tank heat400*450*550

Under tank heat400*450*550


Imported high-temperature refrigeration compressor refrigeration

Temperature and humidity meter

With PID tuning, temperature and humidity-line error correction, wet humidity bias (remote control) Alarm

Temperature Sensor

Thermal sensors PT100

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