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UV light resistance, weather resistance, aging test chamber for the sun and artificial sources of non-metallic materials.

Cabinet structural features


UV light resistant climate chamber box made of CNC machining, nice shape, for the two-way clamshell lid, easy to operate.
Senior cabinet liner imported stainless steel plate, cabinet outside the gall A3 steel spray, increasing the appearance of texture and cleanliness.
Heating tank for the interior heating, warming fast, uniform temperature distribution.

Control System:


UV light resistant climate chamber with a black aluminum connecting temperature sensors, instrumentation control the heating temperature using the blackboard, the temperature is more stable.
Radiometer probe is fixed, without each loading and unloading.
The amount of radiation measured with high precision display and special UV radiation meter.
Radiation is not greater than 50W/m2.
Light and condensation can be independently controlled loop control.
The condensed light and independently controlled to control the time and cycle time can be set arbitrarily.



GB/T14522-2008  GB/T16422.3-1997  GB/T16585-1996  ASTM D4329  D499  D4587  D5208  G154  G53  ISO 4892-3  ISO 11507  EN534  PREN 1062-4  BS 2782  JIS D0205  SAE J2020

Specifications and technical parameters

Model (MM)


Studio Size






Performance indicators

Temperature Range


Humidity Range


The distance between the lamp


Samples and lamp distance


Support model number

Length 300mm × width 75mm, about 20

UV wavelengths

290nm~400nm UV-A、UV-B、UV-C(Ordering instructions)

Lamp power


Control Systems

Temperature Controller

Imported LED digital display microcomputer integrated controller PID + SSR

Time controller

Imported programmable time computer integrated controller

Light heating system

Nichrome heater electric heating

Gel humidification system

Stainless steel surface by evaporative humidifier

Blackboard temperature

Bimetallic thermometer blackboard

Water supply system

Humidifier water supply automatic control

Exposure mode

Exposure to moisture condensation, light radiation exposure


Leakage, short circuit, over-temperature, water shortages, over-current protection

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