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  Salt spray chamber is mainly applied to parts, electronic hardware components, protective layer, and salt spray corrosion testing of metallic materials of industrial products.
Box structure
  Salt spray chamber welded integrally molded at high temperature, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, no leakage phenomenon.
Tower spray system, and equipped with salt filtration system, no crystal nozzle, spray evenly distributed free to adjust the amount of the settlement.
Cover the use of transparent materials can be clearly seen inside the test items and spray conditions.
With water seal structure between the salt spray chamber lid and the box, no salt overflow.
Line control panel and other parts are fixed in position for easy inspection and maintenance, the use of open-style side door lock, not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain
Control Systems
  PID temperature control precision error of ± 0.1 ℃, RKC, OMRON, TEMI880 meter (optional).
Continuous or periodic spraying; multi-system protection, safety and reliability.
Salt spray test all circuit breakers are equipped with all the heaters are electronic and mechanical devices with overheating protection.
Standards compliant

GB/T2423.17-2008, GB / T 2423.18-2000 "electric and electronic products testing procedures Ka", salt spray test methods and GB/T10125-1997, GB/T10587-2006, GB10593.2-1990, GB/T1765 -1979, GB/T1771-2007, GB/T12967.3-2008, GB/T5170.8-2008, GJB150.11-86 and the equivalent IEC, MIL, DIN, ASTM and other standards

Specifications and technical parameters
 Temperature range:                                     35~55℃
Temperature fluctuation:                                       ±0.5℃
 Temperature uniformity:                                        ±2℃
 Salt settlement:                               1~2ml/80cm2·h

 Meet the NSS, ASS, CASS, TIS, GB, CNS, such as ASTM ASTM test requirements. 

Studio Size
(H * D * W mm)
Dimensions 720×1220×1050 1000×1580×1200 1100×1780×1280
Studio Size
Dimensions 1350×1980×1280 1200×2280×1580 1350×2680×1480

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