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[High temperature and pressure cooking instrument use: high temperature and pressure cooking instrument for defense, aerospace, automotive parts, electronic parts, plastics, magnets, pharmaceutical circuit boards, multilayer circuit boards, IC, LCD, magnets, lighting, lighting products, etc. sealing performance of product testing, related products for accelerated life test, for use in the design phase of products, exposure to product defects for quick and weaknesses. Test their products phobic resistance, air tightness.

[Features] high temperature and pressure cooking instrument:

A, high-pressure accelerated aging test chamber polished durable and beautiful.

B, the testing process to be completed end of automatic operation, easy to use.

C, high temperature and pressure cooking functions with automatic water meter and automatic replenishment during the trial when the water is too low.

D, one-piece silicone door gasket, gas density is good, and long service life.

E, precise pressure / temperature gauge always show pot pressure and relative humidity.

F, when running water is not saturated vapor discharged automatically in order to achieve optimum steam quality.

G, pressure accelerated aging test timer: LED numeric timer, when the pot temperature reaches the start time to ensure that the test is complete.

H, pressure accelerated aging chamber temperature control: LED digital temperature controller can be set accurately test temperature, the control and display.







Studio Size   [W×H mm]





[W×H mm]





Main parameters and configuration】:








121132143 ℃ special optional)


100RHSaturated vapor humidity

Relative pressure

+0 4kg/cm2

Pressure pot

+0 2.8kg/cm2.

Absolute Pressure

1.0kg/cm2 3.0kg/cm2.

Safety pressure capacity

4kg/cm21 atm +3 kg/cm2)

Pressing time

0.00kg/cm2 2.00kg/cm2 to about 45 minutes

Heating time

Raised by the 100 ℃ +132 ℃ for about 10 minutes non-linear load

Cycle way

Natural convection steam cycle

Using the vapor pressure (absolute pressure)

An atmospheric pressure +0.0 Kg/cm2 - 2.0Kg/cm2; (3.0Kg/cm2 are special specifications)

Equipment meet the test

At a temperature of 110 degrees, humidity 90%, atmospheric pressure of two or temperature of 120 degrees, humidity 95%, which can effectively test .0.7 ~ 1 ℃ pressure 1.2 atm / min

Temperature control

Hot and cold balance (BTC way)

Timing function




High temperature and pressure saturated pot structure

Round the box, stainless steel round test within the box structure, in line with the container industry safety standards to prevent dew dripping trial design.

Round pieces of lined, stainless steel round pieces of liners designed to avoid direct steam latent heat shock test;

Sophisticated design, good air tightness, water consumption, water can be continuously every 200h;

Automatic access control, automatic temperature and pressure round the door detector security access control locks, patented security door

Design, there is greater than atmospheric tests we will be back pressure protection;




Carton Material

A polar electrolytic plate + powder coating or SUS304 grade stainless steel plate.

Within the box material

SUS304 stainless steel high-quality light board

Insulation Material

Polyurethane rigid foam, ultra-fine glass fiber cotton

Base cabinet

6 # channel using GB bunk.

Cabinet Casters

Bottom of the machine can be fixed using high-quality PU wheels


Water protection, overpressure protection (with automatic / manual replenishment functions, automatic pressure relief function)

Supply Voltage

AC220V5060HzAC380V , 5060Hz

Ambient temperature

5+30  ≤85%RH

Execution and to meet the standards:

1.  GB/T10586-1989 humidity test chambers technical conditions;
2 GB2423.3-93 (IEC68-2-3) Damp heat test;
3 . MIL-STD810D Method 502.2;
4 . GJB150.9-8 temperature and humidity test; 
5. GB2423.34-86, MIL-STD883C Method 1004.2 of temperature and humidity, high pressure combined cycle test;

6.IEC60068-2-66JESD22-A102-B EIAJED4701 EIA/JESD2


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