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利来w66下载报道The main difference with the oven's temperature and humidity chamber_利来w66下载官网资讯

Publisher:admin  Published:2009-04-25  Click:2221

The main difference between constant temperature and humidity test chamber and the drying oven drying oven is just a simple temperature control, and constant temperature and humidity test chamber can be precisely control the temperature and humidity.

Application of popular instrument is ok and drying oven must manipulate with PID algorithm with high precision instrument, control system, respectively, low drying oven for policy. To the need, must also specify the instrument can run the program. Manipulation, ultra-low temperature section can be obtained through the self-tuning of PID values, instrument by self-tuning gain value is necessary to do some adjust operation. 1. To use different, drying oven drying, drying with important for goods. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber besides has the function of the drying oven.

But the difference between numerical is doubled. In terms of 150 ℃, can at any two points in the drying oven temperature may differ 10.5 ℃, and the constant temperature and humidity test chamber can't more than 5 ℃.

2. The important technical policy not rigid box temperature evenness not greater than the maximum control temperature of plus or minus 2.5%, a box temperature uniformity is not greater than 2 ℃ (when the temperature is 200 ℃), of course, only a plus or minus. There is not much difference. While the actual hard is that

3. The ease of making out details on. When air is heated to above 350 ℃ ultra-low temperature, gas becomes very difficult to temperance, even under the condition of forced air blast, the flow of the gas is still messy, so the hypothetical requirements for air duct is very high. For different mission chamber size, air duct should be changed. Fair to lose data, not often go through repeated practice. In order to get higher evenness index, the cost of building constant temperature and humidity test chamber is much bigger than the drying oven

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