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利来w66下载报道Standard light source for color light boxes of related knowledge and fault analysis_利来w66下载官网资讯

Publisher:shanghai pindun  Published:2008-01-29  Click:2558


On the product of color or color matching, different light source, daylight or environment cauld will make wrong judgment. And the color deviation of standard light source box of goods can have precise control, accurate proofreading.

Standard light source box is widely used in the field of color management from all walks of life, can provide standard and objective light source, the contrast of the color of raw materials and products to get precise control.

Standard light source box, besides can provide D65 light source at the same time also provide CWF, UV, TL84, F/A, U30, such as light source, the market generally said D65 light, four light, light, six light, seven source, name of eight light such as light boxes, they all have same color spectrum effect of functional testing, of course, different light source configuration function also is different.

Let's take a look at the function of the light source:

A. d. 65 light source: international standard Artificial sunlight (Artificial Daylight) light source;

Biggest WF light source: cold fluorescent. American stores light source;

C.U V light source: fluorescent and white inspection uv light source;

Which L84 light source: Europe, Japan, China store light source;

E.F/A light source: Huang Guangyuan. Family hotel lamp, than the reference light source color;

F.U 30 light: warm white, American stores light source.

Standard light source box to control the color deviation while good, but its failure is often a headache.

Let's take a look at its advantages and faults under:

Standard light source box advantages:

- display of each light source to use time and total time;

Light source automatic switch, have same color spectrum function;

- without preheating, not flashing, ensures fast and reliable evaluation of color;

- small energy consumption, no fever (no heat), high luminous efficiency.

Small volume, easy to use, low price.

Standard light source box fault description:

1, current situation, the whole machine have no reaction, didn't also bright display window.

Reason: insurance tube or transformer burn out, (note that the power switch is on).

2, a set of the light is not bright, and the rest is normal.

Reason: the button lights, relay switching noise is normal, the ballast ring, if the key light is not on, relay didn't ring, buttons or relay circuit board.

A dawn in 3, the same set of tubes, the rest is normal.

Reason: with a good generation on the tubes, if light is sure the original lamp bad, if not bright, ballast bad.

4, turn the power ON/OFF, a set of tubes Chang Liang, small noise and relay, the rest of the operation have no reaction.

Reason: the damage of relay.

5, and other normal operation, display window appears digital disorder.

Reason: relay circuit boards, decoding IC bad.

6, light boxes in the working process of the long press a button lights ON, press the other key no response, press the ON/OFF cannot be turned OFF.

Reason: according to the keypad keys short circuit relay switch board short circuit.

7, all the light not bright, a light show window but no words.

Reason: the relay circuit boards, IC bad or crystals.

8, buttons, relay ring twice, the lights flash out.

Bad bad reason: according to the keypad or relay.

9, with adjustable light box, the light but can't adjust brightness.

Reason: adjustable resistor (potentiometer) or ballast bad.

10 and the same position often burned tubes.

Reason: many for ballast output current is not stable, may also be circuit board, but the probability is very small.

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