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利来w66下载报道Servo motor in the universal material testing machine maintenance_利来w66下载官网资讯

Publisher:Shanghai's testing equipment  Published:2007-01-13  Click:2623



A, universal material testing machine in the protection of the servo electric motor oil and water

A: servo motor can be used in water or oil droplets into the place, but it is not completely waterproof or oil. Therefore, servo motor should not be placed or used in the water or oil contamination of the environment.

B: if the servo motor is connected to a reduction gear, using the servo motor should be oil seal, in order to prevent the reduction gear oil into the servo motor

C: servo motor cable don't immersed in oil or water.

Second, the universal material testing machine of servo motor cable to relieve stress

A: to ensure that the cable is not because of external bending force or under vertical load torque or its weight, especially in the cable or joint at the exit.

B: in the case of a servo motor to move, should put cable (that is, with the motor configuration) is firmly fixed to a stationary part (motor), and should use an additional cable installed in the cable support to prolong it, so that the bending stress can be reduced to a minimum.

C: the bend radius of the cable to be as large as possible.

Three, universal material testing machine servo motor allows the shaft end of the load is determined

A: make sure that during installation and operation to the radial and axial load on the shaft servo motor control in each model within the specified value.

B: take special care when installing a rigid coupling, especially the excessive bending load may cause the damage of the shaft end and bearing or wear and tear

C: it is best to the flexible coupling, so that the radial load is lower than the allowable values, it is specially designed for high mechanical strength of the servo motor.

D: to allow the axle load, please refer to the "allow the axial load of table" (operation instruction).

Four, universal material testing machine servo motor installation considerations

A: the installation/removal to the shaft end of the servo motor, coupling parts do not drum shaft end directly with A hammer. (if the hammer banging on shaft end directly, will cause the servo motors to knocked at the other end of the shaft encoder bad)

B: try to make the shaft end is aligned to the best state (otherwise may lead to vibration or bearing damage)

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