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利来w66下载报道The development of photovoltaic industry and opportunities (foundry enterprises and brands)_利来w66下载官网资讯

Publisher:admin  Published:2006-02-13  Click:2761

The development of new energy is the focus of world each country development direction, in today's less and less oil and coal resources are especially necessary, new energy, as a kind of from a world of valuable resources, we must be reasonable use, all are related to environment, the development of the industry is now the new energy mainly include photovoltaic solar and wind power.

Photovoltaic solar power is a new energy of green environmental protection, quality and service life of the photovoltaic solar is our most concern, in today's domestic solar energy industry development environment, many manufacturers are all rely on to some big foreign companies OEM development, and foreign companies operating philosophy is quality as the first, so they when choosing qualified foundry enterprises will consider the company's production management and quality management is in place.

Quality management is about a company's long-term development, is determined by the quality of the products in the market, in the photovoltaic industry quality laboratory equipment mainly includes: high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test chamber, salt spray corrosion test chamber in the rain chamber, dust chamber, current testing instruments. The leakage tester.

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