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利来w66下载报道The purpose of the test chamber and performance characteristics_利来w66下载官网资讯

Publisher:admin  Published:2008-01-13  Click:2201

A, use the product

High low temperature alternating test chamber is suitable for the aerospace products, information electronic instruments and meters, materials, electrical and electronic products, all kinds of electronic elements in the high and low temperature or damp and hot environment, and test their various performance indicators.

Enclosure structure

Box body is made of nc machine tool processing forming, modelling beautiful generous, and with no reaction handle, easy to operate.

Enclosure bladder imported advanced stainless steel (SUS304) mirror plate, outside the box body is made of A3 steel plate welded bravery, increase the appearance quality and cleanliness.

Fill the tank in the lower right control enclosure, and a lack of self protection, more convenient operator supplement water.

Maintain bright in the large observation window attached to the lamp, and use of fever embedded in the body, toughened glass clear observation of the condition in the cabinet at any time.

Humidification system pipeline and control circuit board, can avoid humidification pipeline leakage failure, improve security.

Convenient maintenance and overhaul water system piping circuit system.

High and low temperature box body insulation using superfine glass fiber insulation cotton, can avoid unnecessary energy loss.

Box on the left side of the test hole with a diameter of 50 mm, used for external test power supply cord or signal lines

Second, the performance characteristics

S has a wide range of temperature control, can meet the various needs of users;

S adopts unique equilibrium temperature adjustment method, with stable equilibrium of heating capacity, high precision, high stability temperature control can be;

S temperature with digital display, intuitive easy to read, accurate and convenient;

S can adjust the temperature error values, meet your more accurate test conditions;

S varies with temperature setting value automatic selection operation of the refrigeration circuit function, the operation is simple;

S the door is equipped with the observation window of large area, can observe the test sample test status;

S with functions of high temperature on, can can be opened when the temperature in the oven to 130 ℃ cold machine, facilitate continuous to drive back and forth between in the high temperature and low temperature test;

S refrigeration system, the condensation using air cooling way.

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