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> High and low temperature heat chamber
> High and low temperature
> Temperature and humidity chamber
> High and low temperature impact test chamber
> Pharmaceutical stability chamber
> Xenon weathering test chamber
> UV lamp aging chamber
> Rain chamber
> Shachenshiyanxiang
> Ozone aging test
> Salt spray corrosion test chamber
> pct temperature aging instrument
> Temperature chamber
> High temperature thermostat chamber
> High and low temperature heat chamber vibration
> Mold chamber
> Walk-low temperature test chamber
> Walk-in high and low temperature test chamber
> Walk-in salt spray test chamber
> Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber
> Automotive rain test chamber

  Service commitment

A quality package for one year, lifetime maintenance. In quality package period, we will make a repair response within 4-6 hours after receiving user notification, within 24-72 hours and provide free repair service, adjust or replace the defective parts or equipment. In the warranty period, according to user needs, such as the need for maintenance to the site only charge nominal fee. Upgrade services to provide users with analysis of the system.
Second, free training
1 This test machine to the demand side venue two days, our personnel arrived at the scene debugging, free training for the demand side 1-2 operators, training locations in the demand-side companies, but also in my company.
2 training must reach the proper use of testing machines, software operation and general maintenance and troubleshooting.
Three. Services

1. Hotline Service
When the customer equipment problems or failures need to seek help, you can help and guidance through the first support hotline (021-63099108) network requests, customer service department after confirming customer's service request, will arrange technical staff within the time prescribed by phone to help customers locate the fault, and propose solutions, and ultimately guide customers to solve problems or troubleshoot the device.

2. Field Service
Customers experiencing difficulty while using the device or the device does not appear normal, for technical support and assistance to the company by phone or fax, the customer service department after confirming customer's service request, if not through a hotline to resolve technical failure of equipment, After the two sides negotiate to determine the need for on-site troubleshooting cases, customer service engineer assigned to the site within the time promised fault analysis, develop troubleshooting scenarios, and ultimately troubleshooting.

3. Regularly visit service
Customer service personnel at least once a year, home visits, telephone interviews of 100% worry-free, on-site inspection equipment running, to discover hidden equipment operation appears to reduce the probability of equipment failure, to ensure stable operation of customer equipment.

4. Customer Training

In addition to installation and commissioning of customer training, field service engineer after completion, should appear for the cause of this failure and troubleshooting to customers on-site training, and re-use of customer problems encountered in the process of technical exchanges, in order to Customers can independently be excluded after a similar device failure.

5 Holiday Service Guarantee
During the holidays (national holidays) during addition to continuing service hotline, the arrangements for the service engineer on duty, so customers when problems arise in the process of using the device can receive timely support services, to provide the most thoughtful and considerate services.

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