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> High and low temperature heat chamber
> High and low temperature
> Temperature and humidity chamber
> High and low temperature impact test chamber
> Pharmaceutical stability chamber
> Xenon weathering test chamber
> UV lamp aging chamber
> Rain chamber
> Shachenshiyanxiang
> Ozone aging test
> Salt spray corrosion test chamber
> pct temperature aging instrument
> Temperature chamber
> High temperature thermostat chamber
> High and low temperature heat chamber vibration
> Mold chamber
> Walk-low temperature test chamber
> Walk-in high and low temperature test chamber
> Walk-in salt spray test chamber
> Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber
> Automotive rain test chamber

利来w66下载报道Zhejiang lishui CSL instrument custom-made high temperature sintering box and high and low temperature aging cases of successful acceptance_利来w66下载官网资讯

Zhejiang CSL instrument co., LTD. Is located in lishui city ShuiGe industrial zone, established in 1988, is a collection of r &d, production, sales and service in one of the private joint-stock enterprises. The company covers an area of 56 acres, plant area of 20000 square meters, existing staff 402 people, including secondary engineering technology and management staff of 48 people. The company has fixed assets of more than 5800 ten thousand yuan, sales income of more than 6000 ten thousand yuan, 2004 turned over to the tax 1.5 million yuan, the company strives to exceeding RMB one hundred million in 2006. Company technical force is abundant, has 1500 square meters of laboratories and measuring room, with modern advanced production testing equipment. As early as in 2001 the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, enterprise credit "AA". Company specializing in the production of motorcycle instrument, machine and all kinds of the barometer. Products are exported to the United States, Taiwan, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries. At present, the company has become a grand river group, qianjiang motorcycle group, jin long group of top domestic motorcycle enterprises supporting manufacturers, is one of the outstanding private enterprise of domestic motorcycle instrument industry, its production speed odometer was rated as "quality trustworthy product", enjoy higher reputation in the industry

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