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> High and low temperature heat chamber
> High and low temperature
> Temperature and humidity chamber
> High and low temperature impact test chamber
> Pharmaceutical stability chamber
> Xenon weathering test chamber
> UV lamp aging chamber
> Rain chamber
> Shachenshiyanxiang
> Ozone aging test
> Salt spray corrosion test chamber
> pct temperature aging instrument
> Temperature chamber
> High temperature thermostat chamber
> High and low temperature heat chamber vibration
> Mold chamber
> Walk-low temperature test chamber
> Walk-in high and low temperature test chamber
> Walk-in salt spray test chamber
> Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chamber
> Automotive rain test chamber

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Sichuan Southwestern University paint test chamber

Xi'an Jiao Tong University electrical test chamber

Laboratory of Shanghai Fudan University Department of materials

Beijing Institute of Technology Automotive Research Laboratory

Room of Zhejiang University state key test of nano

State Key Laboratory of National University of Defense Technology, Changsha aerospace materials

Fuzhou University, flat panel display technology combined with Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory of mechanical engineering Wuhan University

Shanghai Research Institute of chemical industry

Engine test cell Tianjin Academy of Military Transportation

Smart munitions Technology Key Laboratory of Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Hubei Automotive Industrial Institute

Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuhan New Energy Lab

Chengdu University of Science and Technology electronic laboratory

Southeast University, State Key Laboratory of mobile communication

Shanghai Jiao Tong University state key testing machine system

Peking University chemical experiment of rare earth materials

North Central University Chinese Weapon Industry Center Laboratory of Shanxi province and engage in molecular composite material engineering research center

Physical chemistry of solid surfaces, Xiamen University, State Key Laboratory

Experimental study of superconducting electronics research Nanjing University chamber and the test chamber


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