A Wee Bit Aboot Me

Hi! I’m Bryan and the cook, writer, taste tester (the best job) and photographer behind the blog Bon Voyage Bryan.

My love of food never came to me from cooking at a young age with my family but in my mid-twenties when I started traveling. I left the bonnie banks of Scotland for literally the other side of the globe, New Zealand. It was here where I really branched out trying new food and eventually ate my way around Southeast Asia.

What you will find here on Bon Voyage Bryan

All the recipes that you will find on this site are inspired from my time travelling. I find the best food around the world is always street food, So I will be mainly keeping things easy but delicious. Think tacos from Mexico, Vietnamese Bahn Mi, Currywurst from Germany and even tarantulas from Cambodia! Don’t worry I won’t be cooking spiders, although I ate them in Cambodia.

The recipes contain detailed step by instructions, along with step-by-step photos to ensure you have success in your own kitchen. My goal is to enable you to recreate all the recipes on this site and learn more about different cultures cuisines and fun new flavors.

In addition to recipe development, when the world has pulled through this bloody pandemic and I can travel again, I want to give you a food guide on each country I visit, Hopefully I can inspire you to get out into the world or bring the world to your kitchen.

Fun Facts About Me

I have definatly eaten spiders and to be honest it didn’t taste terrible but certainly not my favorite

I have absolutely no idea how to blog. This is going to be a journey for all of us.

I was Born in Scotland but now live in New Zealand.

Cooking on the barbecue is my favorite way to cook.