Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia


Well departure date will be here soon so I thought I would share a little of my itinerary for Southeast Asia.

Kuala Lumpur.

Coming to Kuala Lumpur is more or less an extended stop over to break up that long flight. Only spending a few days here as I am going to Myanmar as a priority to try and miss the monsoon season. Fingers crossed! I will be returning to Malaysia later in my travels.

Myanmar (Burma)

Traveling to Myanmar is one of the main reasons I have decided to travel to Southeast Asia.  Tourism is growing here every year, so I want to see this country before it develops into the next Thailand. I will be staying in Myanmar for the maximum time allowed. 28 days with your visa.


Most likely I will be flying into Bangkok.  This is a great international hub in Southeast Asia. Most backpackers tend to begin their travels here for its easy accessibility and cheaper flights. Thailand looks like it has it all. From city life to beautiful beaches.


Vietnam looks incredible! Not quite worked out how or when I will get here yet. Going to meet up with friends here. It’s actually my current flat mates, one of which is from Vietnam. So will be good to catch up and have her show us around.


To be be honest don’t know very much about Cambodia but from what I have heard it is beautiful. What I do know though, is that it is home to the iconic Angkor Wat. Who wouldn’t want to go see that right?


Made up from more than 17000 island and known for its beaches and volcanoes. Indonesia is also home of the Komodo dragon. One thing I am looking forward to is the food. I have had a little insight into Indonesian food and I can tell you that I cannot wait to taste more.

These are just some of the countries I intend to travel to. I am excited to give a more in depth look into each country as I travel to them. If anyone has any suggestions about somewhere to visit or somewhere not please leave a comment.

Until then bon voyage.

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