How to save money for 5 months travel?

How to save money for 5 months travel?

2016 and 2017 have just been incredible. So much travel, so many flights. In fact I have been on so many different forms of transport its unbelievable.

It has been a year of discovery that’s for sure. I’ve managed to tick a good few countries off the bucket list. Five months traveling around Southeast Asia : Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. Back to New Zealand for a couple of months to work and save up some more money, then we jetted of to Arizona, USA for 3 months to spend time with Cathy’s family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Doi Ang Khan Mountains, Thailand

It’s not just been a year of discovery on a geographical stage though. It has been a year of self discovery. Eight months of travel in the past year. Wow! Never in my life would I have thought I would be able to something like this. To be able to do that and look back where I come from, is just unbelievable.

People often ask how I do it? How do I manage to take 3 months off, 5 months off work to go traveling? Well basically, I quit my job. Twice in the same year. Yep that’s the real secret to getting however much time off work as you want…

That is one of the main perks of working in New Zealand at the moment. Since the Earthquake in in 2011, Christchurch has been rebuilding the entire city. Which means there has been an abundance of work available. Especially if you have a trade. After travelling in Southeast Asia I arrived back in Christchurch on the Thursday and managed to start back working on Monday. Going back to work after 5 months off is not a pleasant feeling.

Lyttleton Harbour, New Zealand

How to save money for 5 months travel?

Basically I have undergone a lifestyle change over the past few years. Instead of getting paid every week and blowing it all at the weekends, . That may sound like a lot but in all honesty we live a more minimal life here in New Zealand.

We don’t have outrageous rent payments as we house share. We don’t have car payments. Instead of eating out regularly we cook our meals; and by cooking all our meals, I have to say we have become pretty good at cooking. By doing all of this it puts the savings on our pocket.

Just because we manage to save a chunk of our wage doesn’t mean that we just sit in every night and watch T.V. We still regularly go out for coffee, have brunch at the weekends, meet up with friends, have drinks and go away weekend trips quite often.

The key is everything in moderation. Saving doesn’t mean that you have to isolate yourself from the world and become a hermit.

So could you start saving 10% or 20% of your wage? If you looked at your life what could you cut back on to save that extra cash that could set you on your travels?

 Choose where you travel.

Choosing where you travel can have a serious impact on how far your money goes. Say you have $10000. That $10000 may last you 2 months traveling around Europe. Accommodation could cost you say 40 Euros and meals 5-10 Euros. Whereas if you go to Southeast Asia that $10000 will go a lot farther. I have seen accommodation for as little as 3USD and street food starting at less than 1USD.

The numbers I have given in the example are hypothetical and these numbers can vary. Depending on your style of traveling you can make it as cheap or as expensive as you like. As you can see though, that by choosing where you travel, this decision can dictate how long you can travel.

Although by no means am I any sort of financial adviser but these are my tips on how to save up money for 5 months of travel.

Bon Voyage

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