Overcome Your Fear and Unlock Your Potential

Overcome Your Fear and Unlock Your Potential

There came a point in my life when I started asking questions like, “Is this it?” or “There must be more to life than this.” Do these thoughts sound familiar? What matters though is what you do with these thoughts. If you do nothing, then nothing changes. So what holds us back from making change? Is it the fear of trying something new?  Scared of the unknown? The FEAR of failing? Do you see what I’m getting at? FEAR is what stops us moving forward. FEAR constrains us, it stops us unlocking our potential.

I had this fear. I still do. Then I realized it’s not a bad thing. I think it is a way for us to grow and develop. An obstical that has to be scaled. I see it as a sign that I’m about break through that metaphorical wall and level up.

The funny thing about fear is that when you look back you realize that there wasn’t actually anything to be scared of. Why do we let fear dictate how we live our lives? So what are we really scared about? What others may think of us if we fail? It’s a fear based on what people “might” think of you. When in truth, they’re likely thinking of themselves.

So what if you are judged. What does it really matter? If people are talking about you for doing something different then you must be doing something right. All they’re doing is acting out because it makes them look at themselves and realize their insecurities.

So the moral of the story here is not to be scared of fear. Use your fear as a tool. Look at Batman for example. He had a fear of bats but then he turned that fear into his strength. So when you feel scared about doing something new or something different just know that you are doing something right. Smash through that wall and unlock your potential.

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