Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet

The excitement of traveling to somewhere you have never been before is second to none. New food to try, sights to see, people to meet and adventures to be had. To get the most out of your travels you have to do a little digging and a little planning. While most information you can easily find on the internet these days I always carry a copy on Lonely Planet with me when I am traveling.

Not only does it have all the “must see” attractions but also has a wealth of information about the culture and how you should conduct yourself, so you don’t offend anyone. One of the best parts of the book for me was little tips on basic language for whatever country you are in.

When traveling in Myanmar last year we were a lost, had no phone coverage and there was not one person around us that could speak English. We stood at the side of the road waiting for a bus to come. Bus after bus came but none were ours. Luckily in the Lonely Planet guide there were key phrases that allowed us to ask for help. ¬†Although my pronunciation of Burmese was terrible it seemed to help and the friendly people of Myanmar done everything they could to help us. To this day I’m still not convinced we were on the correct bus but we got to where we wanted to go.

I loved having a copy of Lonely Planet around. It helped us make decisions on where to stay and without it I probably wouldn’t have eaten in so many of the hidden gems that every city has.

There is a Lonely planet of every country in the World so wherever your next destination be sure to pick up a copy to ensure you get the best experience on your dream trip. Click on the Lonely Planet button below to see what great deals they have on whatever country you are visiting next.

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